Top 5 Tips on Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Top 5 Tips on Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thinning hair is becoming a fast growing issue of the people around the globe, and it appears that both sexes are equally affected. These tips were created to help people who feel they need some guidance with regards to their thin hair management.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Women

Many stylists insist that best women hairstyles for thin hair must be short. Why? Because short haircut is a perfect tool to visually add some volume to the hair. Short length helps to take observer’s attention away from woman’s hair, down to her face, and it’s just what is needed. But this choice is never universal, as there are different kinds of hair; the types of thinning problems may differ as well. Let’s find out how to approach your hair depending on its nature.

Straight hair

Among the best-choice selections of hairstyles for thin fine hair are sleek bob and the cut with side swept bangs. Small hint: add some volume in the front of the haircut to make your look complete. Just look at Rihanna – her stylists do that trick all the time. She’s got thin hair but her style is always impeccable.
You can go with asymmetrical bob as well. It has some favorable visual effects on the hair, e.g. increases the width of the cut and makes it look more complete at the bottom.

If your hair is near normal but starts thinning at the strands’ ends, try short layered haircuts or bob cuts. You can make your hairstyle look even better with the help of hair flicks and lots of hairspray (to make flicks’ effect more durable).
Women with straight thin hair can utilize rollers to make curly hairstyles, and in that case they can go with longer hair, too. Hairstyles for fine thin hair generally avoid curly shape, as thin hair is too weak to support volume long enough. Therefore, if you go with rollers, your hair needs to be pinned right after they are removed.

Curly hair

Unlike straight hair, medium length is recommended for curly hair, as curls add some precious volume. Thin curly hair is very fragile, so it demands very close watch and delicate care.

Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Men

For men the approach is a much more straightforward one. Just make it as short as you can to downplay the thickness effect. When looking at very short cuts, people can’t really tell whether the hair is thin or thick, so most of them assume it’s actually thick. There are many haircut types of that length, e.g. crew cut, and all of them are great for thin hair. Your cut decision depends on the shape of your face, eye color, personal preferences, etc.

There are some ways to improve your thin hair, e.g. healthy food, good hair hygiene, and more. You can also improve your look with an appropriate hairstyle. Psychologists know that decent looking hair boosts confidence, so hopefully these tips on hairstyles for thin hair will help you boost yours.